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Study in Canada – Discover the Path to Your Success!

EuroAsia Consulting is a Canadian international student recruitment and marketing company. We offer a wide range of free services in educational and international exchange programs to students based in Central Asia, the CIS, and Turkey. We are recognized by the International Consultants and Education Fairs (ICEF).

As an official representative of many prestigious higher education institutions in Canada, EuroAsia Consulting helps students determine their ideal curriculum at the best colleges, universities and language schools, including online educational opportunities. EuroAsia Consulting also offers support for attendance at a wide array of colleges and universities in Canada, USA, Australia, Italy, India and Turkey with lower tuition fees and hassle-free admissions.

Our company specializes in short-term summer and winter programs in Canada, the USA, and Australia. Geared towards youth (12-19) and young adults, these programs combine English language classes with exciting daily sightseeing activities. We arrange the best fit at discounted prices that meet your budget. Individual and group applications are welcome for our summer/winter tour programs.

What are EuroAsia's Unique Services and Educational Products?

EuroAsia Consulting provides firsthand, personalized information from Canadian colleges and universities in students’ native languages as well as Russian. We are a legal entity, not an individual person. This means that we have official contracts with Canadian colleges and we do not charge service fees to prospective students.

We provide services in the following areas.

We assist students by establishing their Proof of English needs as well as information about academic standards and expectations.

We conduct preliminary screening that lets us provide advice and assistance over the duration of the college or university application process.

We provide support to newly enrolled students so that they are well prepared for study in Canada – academically, socially, and financially.

We provide all information necessary so enrolled students can successfully obtain a Student Visa through our contacts with local accredited Canadian Embassy Visa support offices.

We offer extensive support once the student arrives in Canada. We also connect students with their ethnic communities in the area, and encourage them to participate in community-based programs and services of their country of origin.

What Benefits Do Students Gain From EuroAsia Consulting?

The first benefit that our students gain is TIME. Our knowledge and expertise means we do the work, saving students unnecessary hours trying to research overseas options. We provide three choices that best match the student's needs and wants given their budget. Once a student chooses a college or university where they want to study, together with the student, Euroasia facilitates these five steps.

Step 1
We provide a full package of information including application forms and a list of documents required for admission.
Step 2
Students prepare the required documents, send us a scanned copy of all documents, and mail the original documents directly to the college or university.
Step 3
We enroll the student in their chosen college or university within two days.
Step 4
Once the student receives a Letter of Offer from the college or university, they transfer 50% of the first year’s tuition fee to the educational institution’s account.
Step 5
Upon receipt, the college/university provides EuroAsia Consulting with a Letter of Acceptance and a Receipt of Funds within two days. We immediately provide a scanned copy to the student to start the Visa application process.

Secondly, students will be able to save MONEY. It is a standard practice for a student to simultaneously apply to three or four colleges and universities in North America. Unfortunately, there is a non-refundable application fee for each school ranging from $100 CAD to $350 CAD. For example, if a student applies to three colleges and pays a non-refundable fee of $100, they will have spent $300 CAD with no guarantee that they will be accepted into the program. Students who use EuroAsia Consulting’s services will be able to save money with only one application that has a much higher chance of success because of our local and specialized knowledge. In addition, we offer decreased tuition fees up to 10% with certain private colleges. Our services decrease the student’s expenses, but do NOT increase tuition costs.

Finally, our company is an officially licensed, fast-growing, reputable, and multilingual business in the field of education services in Canada. We represent Canadian colleges and universities in the educational markets of Central Asia and the CIS countries (Eurasian region) and we recruit academically qualified students to colleges and universities in Canada and other countries including Australia, Italy, India, and the United States.

We enroll students in the following programs

– Business English

– Short-term Summer / Winter group tour programs with special discounted prices

– English-as-a-Second Language programs (also known as English-as-an-Additional Language)

– Unpaid internship programs for different professions that require proficiency in English

– Short-term academic English preparation courses that provide conditional admission into the top colleges and universities in Canada and the USA.

– Enrollment of pupils ages 12 to 19 to top boarding schools from grades 7 to 12.

– In various industries

– Up to one year or longer.

– Academic English programs with conditional acceptance to the top colleges and universities in Canada

– Required to have taken English language TOEFL test or IELTS Academic with a score of at least 4.5

– Course duration from one month to one year.

– One year certificate programs, including post-baccalaureate in all specialties

– Two year diploma programs

– Required to have TOEFL / IELTS academic test scores of at least 6.5 points

– Bachelor's – Three years

– Master's – Two years

– Doctoral (PhD) Student – Three or more years in all specialties

– Required to have TOEFL / IELTS English test results of at least 6.5 – 7 points for all degree programs.

Do Self-Assessment

Prior to contacting EuroAsia Consulting, we advise that you assess your opportunities by asking yourself the following questions. If your response is "Yes" to most of the questions, then we encourage you to fill out our application form or contact us via email or phone (see "Contact Us" on top).

1. Do you have specific study goals and wishes with respect to studying in Canada?

2. Do you know your English proficiency level?

3. Have you taken the Proof of English Language Proficiency? If so, what was the score?

4. Do you know the approximate length that you wish to study in Canada?

5. Do you have a study budget for your Canadian education? (This should be no less than $8,500 -$12,500 CAD for tuition fees)

6. Are you willing to pay a non-refundable application fee from $100 up to $350 CAD? This amount includes the Letter of Offer and the Letter of Acceptance.

Contact us and make a step towards your dreams! We would be happy to enroll you for FREE!