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Immigration Process

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has launched a new online immigration application system called Express Entry (EE). This system is based on human capital meaning immigrants will be selected based on their age, education, language skills, professional work experience as well as other important factors which will be evaluated by a ranking score. Potential applicants must still qualify for one or two immigration programs in order to qualify for immigration to Canada.

How to begin the immigration process to Canada?

Navigating Canada’s complicated immigration system without professional guidance can be very challenging. Here are some highlights of what one should do to qualify for immigration to Canada.

– Qualify for one of the 60 federal and provincial immigration programs

– Equate your education in Canada (Education Credential Assessment)

– Ensure that your work experience is transferable

– Pass the English (French) Language test and have a good score (at least 6 from IELTS-general)

– Apply for Express Entry: you must have a minimum score of 600 (+600 if you have a job offer in Canada verified by Service Canada)

– Please note, that if you accidentally forgot or omitted important information, this may be considered misrepresentation and you will be banned from reapplying for 5 years.

Our immigration services in steps

The following steps describe the process of initial contact to final service

Step 1
Contact us by e-mail or Skype (see "Contact Us" on top) and request information about Visa, study or immigrating to Canada. You can also fill out our free online assessment form.
Step 2
Once we receive your online (basic) assessment, we shall evaluate it. If we see that you have the potential to qualify for one of 60 immigration programs, we shall send you a personalized assessment specific to your situation. For this assessment, we will charge a $100 fee. If you decide to retain our services, the amount will be credited to your account.
Step 3
We shall review your completed assessment form and determine to which immigration programs you will qualify and provide you the best option to ensure a successful application. Once you make a decision, we discuss the details of the retainer agreement and costs associated to the service.
Step 4
Upon fully signing the retainer agreement, 100% of the total fee (or in two installments negotiable) is payable to EuroAsia Consulting's client account.
Step 5
We shall provide you with the list of documents you need to prepare your application package (language test results, transcripts, education assessment in Canada, criminal record checks, medical forms, photos, etc.)
Step 6
Once your application package is ready, we ask you to double check in order to avoid mistakes. After that we shall submit your professionally prepared case to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
Step 7
Your finalized application package will be submitted upon payment of the remaining balance.
Step 8
We shall monitor your case and answer any requests for further information or documentation from IRCC, and keep you informed until processing is complete.

Please take a free assessment – make a step to your future!

What happens next?

Please note that the assessment should be filled out by (or on behalf of) the person immigrating to Canada. It will help EuroAsia Consulting’s team to adequately determine whether the person who wants to immigrate to Canada is eligible for one of the immigration programs.

Once we have evaluated your information, we shall contact you and inform you as to whether you qualify. If we see potential in you, we will ask for a more detailed assessment and try to find the best immigration program for you.

There is a nominal charge of CDN$100 for the detailed assessment but we will deduct that amount from your total fee if you decide to stay with us.

After we receive your form and payment, we will provide you with a report outlining your options and our suggestions about what you should do. If we believe that we can help you with your application, we will also send you a retainer agreement that spells out exactly what we will do for you and our fees.

If you decide to keep us as your authorized representatives, we will provide you with detailed recommendations for the option that offers the best chance of a successful application.