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International Students Grants

What are Grants?

In Canada there are opportunities to pursue higher education by applying for and receiving financial support in the form of grants. A grant is a set amount of money that doesn't need to be paid back. The word "grant" can excite the minds of many students who dream of studying abroad!

How do you win grants?

Many universities award grants to students who have contributed to the public life of the institution or for their outstanding achievements in their studies.

In Canada, there are not many chances for international students to gain financial support before entering colleges or universities. Grants are generally available to international students for their outstanding academic achievements only after the first semester and only if the semester is completed with an honours standing. International students may apply for a variety of small grants, such as bursaries to help cover costs such as textbooks, accommodation, or transportation at the college or university.

However international students have an opportunity to work on-campus or off-campus with a work permit up to 20 hours per week. They may also work full-time during vacations up to 40 hours per week that will allow them to cover a certain portion of their expenses.

Have you already decided to get a free education in Canada?

Many colleges and universities offer scholarships for international students on a competitive basis. Scholarships are a kind of grant, but is based on very marks or something specific to the student themselves. They are usually offered by the University to attract the best and brightest from around the world.

Students must search for scholarships, make inquiries about scholarship competitions, and apply for them. Winning scholarships is not an easy task – they are awarded only to the highest-qualified applicant. However, for students who are at the top of their class in their home country who are also fluent in English, there may be the chance of achieving a scholarship to study in Canada.

Preparing applications for scholarships is a labour-intensive process that students must undertake themselves. First, as an international applicant, the student must learn the eligibility requirements in Canada. Second, the student thoroughly prepares all necessary documents for the scholarship application. Third, the student fills out the scholarship application form for their specific educational field, attaches the required documents, and sends everything to the specified e-mail address. Often they are asked for references from former teachers, professors or other community members. By completing this process, students will be enrolled in the competition for a specific scholarship. However, please note that many students from different countries apply for the same scholarships so the competition is stiff.

Here are additional information on international student grants in Canada by The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC) and Government of Canada.

Good luck!