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The Benefits of EuroAsia consulting's services

More than 85% of international students in the world obtain services from educational agencies in finding an ideal study destination. The advantage of our enrollment service is that it allows students to find their ideal study destination within their budget in Canada (as well as in USA, Australia, Italy, India, and Turkey) for FREE.

We provide the following key services

- Full, honest, clear and detailed information on education in Canada and abroad

- Support in choosing the right program and the appropriate college or university in Canada among numerous different schools

- Help in choosing the right curriculum that fits within the student’s budget so they don’t accumulate large amounts of debt in a foreign country

- Support choosing the perfect study location to avoid spending large amounts of money travelling within the destination country.

We provide education advice to prospective students

The most difficult aspect of overseas education for international students is choosing the right college or university when they know very little about the country, the community the school is in or the opportunities available around the school. EuroAsia Consulting offers students extensive information about the many public and private schools, colleges, and universities available. We provide meaningful insight on the following topics:

- College and university location

- Availability of courses of interest

- Quality of academics

- Research opportunities

- Funding and scholarship opportunities

- After-school work opportunities

- Cost of living expectations

- Safety conditions.

These issues are important concerns for international students and their parents. We provide families with the necessary information they need to make the best decision. By educating the student and their family about the opportunities and challenges of studying in Canada, we prepare our students to succeed!

We are a Canadian company

EuroAsia Consulting was founded in Canada. With our headquarters in Canada, we possess reliable information about the most recent requirements for admission into educational institutions in Canada. We are also familiar with the local environment. Our company provides honest and accurate information about living conditions, transportation, the cost of living, security, safety, and the cultural and social life in Canada.

EuroAsia Consulting will provide accurate information and valuable advice in your native language (English, Russian, Turkish, Uzbek or other) about studying in Canada. This will allow you to understand your opportunities, and make a decision that best suits your needs and budget. Additionally, we provide information on Visa requirements, the accredited Visa service providers in your country, insurance, inexpensive travel options and flights to Canada. Our company continues to support students after their arrival in Canada with our in-country services. We will help to connect students with their diasporic and culutral communities in Canada.

Our Additional Services

Our company is growing rapidly and successfully in the field of educational services. As a licensed Canadian education agency, we have an official representation agreements with Canadian, Australian, American, Italian, Indian, and Turkish colleges and universities. Our company provides recruitment and marketing services primarily to Canadian colleges and universities. We enroll students from countries of the CIS (ex-USSR, particularly Central Asia) and Turkey. The colleges and universities pay for our services when we have enrollment contracts with them. As such, our enrollment services for students, young professionals and school-aged children who would like to study in Canada are FREE. Our services decrease the student’s expenses for enrollment and ensure enrollment with one application. Our services will NOT increase tuition costs.

The partnership between educational institutions in Canada and EuroAsia Consulting is a mutually beneficial one. With our services we:

- Significantly reduce the workload of the Registrar or International Student enrollment offices at Canadian colleges and universities by sharing marketing responsibilities of Canadian colleges and universities, providing accurate information to potential students about educational programs, and enrolling international students from CIS (Central Asia) and Turkey;

- Help Canadian colleges and universities to expand the diversity of their student body;

- Promote and advertise respectable Canadian and international educational institutions of Canada in the CIS and Turkey;

- Help Canadian colleges and universities select talented and academically qualified foreign students who can successfully graduate from their educational institution;

- Help to establish Canadian Alumni clubs in Central Asia, the CIS, and Turkey in order to build strong and positive information circulation about study in Canada.

- Meeting at the airport;

- Assistance in finding an apartment or host family;

- Coordination of a cultural and entertainment program in a Canadian city;

- Help with choosing health insurance;

- Booking travel itinerary to Canada;

- Assistance in finding employment for students.

Contact us! We will help make your dreams come true!